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    Should i book my plane through the Disney package?

    I know basically everything about my October trip to Disney as far as my plans go. I'm all ready to book this trip.

    One thing is holding me up though, should i book my plane through Disney or should i book that seperately? Which is the cheaper/better option? How should i go about this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: Should i book my plane through the Disney package?

    I've always found it cheaper to book seperately. Shop and compare.
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    Re: Should i book my plane through the Disney package?

    Set up some price notifiers on a few sites like kayak so you can track the fluctuations. Last year my sister did that and perused several discount sites like cheap ticket and cheapo air and a few more that she checked nearly everyday. Eventually she found a round trip ticket to Orlando from Seattle for $325 which was nearly %50 savings.
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