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    Need adivice on EMH and FASTPASS+

    Hi everyone,

    My fiancé and I are going to WDW for our Honeymoon. I'm trying to plan out at least what parks we'll visit, so we can make reservations for dinner and extra activities.

    We'll be there from Sept 8-15. I've heard from planning sites that you want to avoid the parks with extra magic hours, because the park will have more guests. However, I've also seen that the crowd level will be at one of it's lowest points while we're there.

    So... do we take advantage of the extra magic hours and visit those parks on those days? Or should we still try to avoid them?

    Also, anyone know how we can book the fastpass+?

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    Re: Need adivice on EMH and FASTPASS+

    hey congratulations first off.

    you should definitely go to the parks with extra magic hours. as you mentioned your hitting it in (semi)off season so the crowds shouldn't be terrible and you get an extra hour in the parks over it. regarding fastpass+ i don't recommend it. as you said your already going during off season, you should still be able to easily get plenty of fast passes at the park for any ride you want. on top of that, having to plan every aspect of your vacation before you even get there takes away from the fact your on vacation lol. throw in some spontaneity and choose your rides when you get there.

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