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    Going to Disney World in January!

    Hello everyone! I'm (Disney) RenaissanceMan

    Me and my family are going to visit Walt Disney World in the second week of January in 2015, and we will be at the resort for 4 days, so we're giving each theme park one day.

    How crowded will it be? And if it's TOO crowded, what are the musts in the entire resort? We love Disneyland and go all the time, so I'm hoping to bypass the stuff that is identical to Disneyland's and see the stuff that is purely new at Disney World (ex: Test Track.)

    Thanks everyone!

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    Re: Going to Disney World in January!

    Even rides that have the same names, tend to have differences. In particular the queues are very different. Tough to be a Bug, Star Tours, Muppets 3D, Soarin, Toy Story Mania are all nearly the same because they use the same film but the queues are different.

    Crowds aren't too bad, sort of medium not small, but ok in January. Since you are not hopping a good option is to skip the parks with Extra Magic Hours. EMH brings in a lot more guests, if in the AM more crowds all day, if the PM it's busy at night.

    Since you are going during a slow season, show up for opening and you will get to do everything. The hardest park to do it all in is Epcot so that may be the exception. Soarin is by far the busiest ride at Epcot, so you may want to do it last, or FP it.

    Also know Epcot has two sections, Future World and World Showcase. FW opens right away and WS a couple hours later, and then they close in reverse. With a short hour non EMH day, use FP for Test Track in the opening time, Universe of Energy is a huge show style attraction so it takes a lot of people in at once. Spaceship Earth and Nemo are both omnimovers, it's a bit of walking but they get lines in the morning and walk on later so you may want to go back to hit them. Once World Showcase opens head east, Norway and Mexico are both rides, and get lines so if you can get on one before the line builds that is good, FP the other. The rest of World Showcase is tours, shows and walkthrough, very fun to explore.

    The other three parks with FP will be easy to do everything once.
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    Re: Going to Disney World in January!

    Thanks a bunch!

    I have looked at some YouTube videos and I see that the queues are very different (my favorite one was Haunted Mansion), but I'll keep and mind what you said and tell my family!

    Thanks again!

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