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    Ride restrictions with a broken arm?

    My sister-in-law's friend is going to WDW this weekend, but one of the kids has a broken arm in a cast. She wanted to know if any of the rides or attractions had restrictions on broken arms or casts.

    Obviously, the shows that walk-through attractions would not have any restrictions. Slow-moving rides like IASW or POTC should be OK too. My concerns would be with the roller coasters. Can you ride the coasters with a broken arm? I would think the over the shoulder restraints on Rock N Roller Coaster might prove a problem if the arm was in a sling.


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    Re: Ride restrictions with a broken arm?

    I wouldn't suggest riding anything that has the over the shoulder bars. I don't know if they actually have restrictions, but I would think common sense would tell you "this is not a good idea."

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    Re: Ride restrictions with a broken arm?

    I've seen several folks with arms or legs in casts at WDW over the years, and my wife had a soft cast on her foot last trip due to an accident during our stay... I would say it's common sense and cast members discretion. I would avoid some of the wilder rides that require you to be able to hold on like Splash Mountain, but most of the slower rides and attractions should be fine. As a precaution I would suggest 1) taking some sort of pain reliever prior to touring the parks just in case, 2) Get a sling that has good support and possibly adding a belt to it to keep it tight to the body to prevent it from getting banged around too much if they do decide to go on something a bit wild...
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    Re: Ride restrictions with a broken arm?

    My son tore the ACL on his knee before we went to WDW and had a brace on. He was not allowed to bend it or put any weight on it. We had no issues with any rides, in fact he even was able to go on some of the water slides at the water parks. I know it's not the same as a broken arm but I just wanted to show that we had no problems on any of the rides at all.

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