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    USH/Legoland Trip Planning

    --- HELP!

    Our family of four arrives in Anaheim on Oct 1st, and leaves Oct 8th. The kids must see the Fear Factor show at USH. And, they loved Legoland so much last year that we have to go there again. Other than that, it's all Disneyland/DCA for the week. Our question is, when should we go to the other two parks?

    Some details: We're staying in Anaheim. This should make for a nice, long drive to both of the other parks. Which day would be best to drive to USH? The weekend days might have less traffic, but USH would be more crowded. During the week when USH might be less crowded, there should be more traffic. Ugh!

    Also, we're hearing that DL/DCA will be crowded on that first weekend of Oct. Would Sunday be a better day to head down to Legoland? They're closed on Tue/Wed at that time of year, so the choice of days for Legoland are more limited.

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    Re: USH/Legoland Trip Planning

    If your only reason for going to USH is to see Fear-Factor you must go on a weekend. It started weekend only operation this week.

    So much for that HUGE attendance boost they were expecting.

    Legoland, any day but Saturday would be good. I think they are closed Monday's and Tuesday's that time of year.

    Have fun.

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