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Thread: Adult E Tickets

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    Adult E Tickets

    I was curious, are there any rated R type attractions at any amusement parks? Though, I may be kind of sick, I would love to see some really scary heavily themed rides. (very gory, adult themes). The transition eventually happened with video games, why not theme parks? Even though theme parks are family places, maybe have lands that were strictly devoted for an adult crowd. What do you all think?

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    Re: Adult E Tickets

    Its an interesting concept but fiscally I dont think it'd ever work simply because you are leaving out a big chunk of people, i.e. those under 18 (or 21 whichever) and families that wont spend money to enter a park a) with a land or area only open to those over a certain age or b) just wont go to the a park that excludes their kids. I think the closest you get these days are the Halloween haunts located everywhere, but even there kids are allowed in.

    I know if I were an investor I'd want as many people as possible to get into my park.

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    Re: Adult E Tickets

    Wasn't the original Alien Encounter at WDW "rated" PG-13 or something like that? I just remember some hooplah about how it was so scary that only adults could experience it.
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    Re: Adult E Tickets

    Some German park darkrides, although not scary or anything, might be thought of as "adult" rides, because som of the female figures have, uhm, very little clothing. And yes, thi was done on purpose. Still adults of all ages can ride, and love it
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