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    Riptide...No tide

    Has anyone noticed that over the last six months or so that Knott's Berry Farm's Riptide attraction no longer has any tide? It just rips. They still advertise that you will get wet on this ride, but they don't drench people in water anymore. If they're going to no longer have water in the attraction, then they should put in a new ride or change the name.

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    Re: Riptide...No tide

    They do have an alternate cycle that does not soak rides, used during the winter months. This is not out of the ordinary, and has been in place since they opened the ride. When the summer arrives, they should be changing the programing back to "soak mode" again.

    That said, sometimes the fountains do not even operate at all, which is disappointing. I'm not sure if it's maintenance issues, cost cutting, or both.
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    Re: Riptide...No tide

    Honestly, I've never ridden this, and the water is part of the reason why. I'd love to ride, but don't care to get soaked. Now I'll be more inclined to ride.

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