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    Re: Lost Dark Rides: Tintin Rides at Walibi park in Belgium

    Quote Originally Posted by Kraken View Post
    I found a link, but it doesn't really show the ride at its glory at all.

    Ali Baba in Walibi Belgium -

    The video looks a bit like people are walking where the flume was. There are some clear Ali Baba style props left and I think we see parts of the serpent at the end of the video, but without seeing the face, I cannot be certain.
    Thanks for the link. It would be cool to walk through a ride with all the effects working.
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    Re: Lost Dark Rides: Tintin Rides at Walibi park in Belgium

    i went to Walibi Belgium when it was called Six Flags Belgium and i bought a pass for like $45 then i went to the US and headed over Six Flags Magic Mountain .

    At the park's maingate i showed my Six Flags Belgium Pass and the attendant said '' what the hell is this '' '' there's a Six Flags in Belgium ? '' then i said '' yes it's actually calle Vekoma Land ""

    yes Six Flags had a great deal with Vekoma for the European six flags .

    Then now the park itself is own by '' La Compagnie des Alpes '' which also owns Parc Asterix near Paris .

    I hate their management because it's based on budget cutting . The only good thing they did in the last 2 years was to dismantled their supposed new Innovative attraction called Mountain Glyder on cables .

    Now the park has recently recently removed a great old coaster from the Park ( La Turbine ) . This Coaster was like ''Montezooma's Revenge'' at knotts .

    i'm going to Walibi Belgium next sunday and i dont know what to expect right now .

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