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    Re: Horrible experience at Knott's Halloween Haunt Opening Night 9.29.05

    Quote Originally Posted by Snoop_KBF
    WOW, The Sux...

    I work For Knott's, and I know of the stage you are talking about. It is in the back of Camp Snoopy, and is not used for any type of Show. If I were you i would call and complain to the Marketing person or even the Operations Manager you can call (714) 220 5255 and asked to speak to the Operations Manager.

    As far as the Monster cusing at you this is uncalled for and He should be repremended for it. I know from working there that we throw guests out of the park for doing the same thing to the monsters.

    I am sorry to hear you had sucha bad time....
    THANK YOU. That's exactly the stage I was talking about. I was hoping someone would know and understand how the "stage" I am talking about isn't really a stage at all. It's more like a large soap box.

    I know how to conduct myself around REAL stages. I don't get anywhere near them. I know how people can be about that, and I worked in theater productions in college, so when I hear, "What were you doing near there/on there/ by there anyway?" I get a little put off.

    ONE of my friends was sitting on the very edge of the "stage". On the CORNER. The rest of us where just standing around, talking to each other.

    Anyway, I called all the numbers everyone suggested here. I got hung up on twice (they put me on hold for 40 minutes then the phone hung up) and another lady told me point blank, "I can't do anything for you."

    Not that I expected much more than that. But an apology would have been nice.

    I am done with Knott's Scary Farm.


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    Re: Horrible experience at Knott's Halloween Haunt Opening Night 9.29.05

    Yeah, I posted earlier how I was impressed about Knotts' customer service. I TAKE IT ALL BACK

    I went the next weekend to redeem my tickets and got a blank stare from the lady at willcall. Nobody left the tickets under my name. So we sat and waited for about 40 minutes for the person who spoke to us to get her but up there. The entire time a man was letting willcall people in a side enterence.

    We FINALLY got our tickets. Now this was a Saturday, a Saturday which sold out before they even opened. And we got there early to get as much done before crowds assembled. It was now 7:45, so much for early. So we went to enter the willcall enterence. A new person was on guard there and told us that the enterence was only for handicaped people. WTF?

    So we had to wait in the unorganized mob which makes up the lines at Knotts front gate. So we got in the park at 8:30.

    Now, when I complained to someone about this, they told me I should have called ahead and made sure they followed through. I laughed. Because I HAD. I had been on hold for an hour and 40 minutes. Yes, 100 minutes. And nobody had picked up once. I had to hang up in order to GO to the Haunt.

    Knotts needs to get their act together.

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    Re: Horrible experience at Knott's Halloween Haunt Opening Night 9.29.05

    I printed my group's tickets from online. For some reason our tickets didn't scan properly. So we had to wait maybe 15-20 minutes for someone else to try scanning again. But they finally let us in. Maybe my printer didn't print right??

    We were in line for the pirate maze, and the skull asked "Why can't a pirate be a lawyer? Cause he can't pass the BBAARR!!". Anyways, we asked a pirate that was hanging around the waiting line. His response was "I don't know. I don't care. *******. Maybe he didn't pass college". :/

    Anyways, I feel sorry that the employees treated you so badly.

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    Re: Horrible experience at Knott's Halloween Haunt Opening Night 9.29.05

    I have had so many bad non-disney park experiances I hardly know where to start! I guess however, the topper would be the complete lack of cleanliness & trashiness of Paramount's Great America in Santa Clara. Their Carousel creaked, people were smoking refer in the observation tower (and everywhere else), their charicters were terrible, the spongebobsquarepants ride made me nausiated & hate the little guy whereas I was neutral before. Oh ya... AND, here's the kicker: I got food poisoning from the only thing I could find to eat (as a picky vegetarian) all day: a Funnel cake. Ya... I now know better & say "If it's not Disney, don't go!"

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    Re: Horrible experience at Knott's Halloween Haunt Opening Night 9.29.05

    A few years back (2001???), I went to Halloween Haunt...and our group almost caused a fight with one of the employees at Guest Relations (it's near the front across from the photo booth). That night, the park was soooo crowded that they started closing the mazes and yelling at us to move out of the area to relieve congestion. My group went to at least three different mazes all over the park and found them to be all closed, supposedly temporarily, but where were we supposed to go in the meantime? We got so fed up that we went to Guest Relations and found several other people complaining about the crowds and lack of mazes available for our enjoyment. We didn't pay $40 to be herded like cattle.

    Anyway, we told one employee that we would NOT leave until we got our money back. He was ready to call security, but we weren't budging. We explained that it was not proper for employees to be yelling at us and telling us to move and find other mazes when a majority of them were being temporarily closed. Finally, he gave us comp tickets.

    Ever since then, I've never gone back to the Haunt.
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