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    Bush Gardens Tampa Employee Injured in Fall

    Football player falls from Busch Gardens ride - College Football -

    He also plays football for the University of South Florida.

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    Re: Bush Gardens Tampa Employee Injured in Fall

    The employee was working Saturday at the Skyride attraction. After sending passengers on a gondola out of the station, the employee thought the door might be unlocked and held onto the door to check it while guests sat on the ride, according to a park statement. He held on as the gondola took off—then 35 feet above the ground—let go and dropped into a landscaped area, the statement added.
    First of all the gondola stops when passengers are getting on and the employee then sends them off onto the line, it's not a constantly moving thing. I'd really like to hear some more details on this as it's not like he's working against the continuous movement.

    Unless he was in the pass through about halfway through the ride, then I can see where this is plausible but not at the load stations. The loaders control the buckets and pass them onto the line.

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