I’ve got a quick update about the meet at the park Behind the Thrills is planning for this Thursday. Yesterday the word “protest” was used incorrectly, and I would like to clear that item up that this is not in any way a “protest” taking place at the coaster. No sit-ins... no chaining yourself to the trees... nothing like that. We know officials at Busch Gardens real Screamscape and were getting a bit concerned. It is my understanding that the only thing being planned is a simple get together of Big Bad Wolf fans to show support for the ride and to spend some quality time together, getting in some rides together, and sharing memories and reasons that they have such love for the Wolf.
In other news, one of our readers went to the park this weekend, and I’ve got to wonder if Busch is feeling the heat over the removal of the Wolf. On three separate occasions our reader reports that crew members at guest relations, at the Wolf and on the tram driver at night all mentioned to guests that the Wolf was being removed to make way for a new roller coaster. One person said it was to be a two year refurbishment to the area that would end up with a coaster, another crew member actually went to far as to claim that the replacement would be a flyer coaster. Sounds like all the fuss and disapointment over the Wolf being retired may be forcing the park to leak out some information about their future plans a little early.
Busch Gardens Williamsburg has announced on their website that this year’s Howl-O-Scream will feature 15 NEW attractions, 18 scare zones, haunted mazes and shows. Howl-O-Scream will kick off this year on Sept. 25th and run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through Nov. 1st. The official website is now live as well, though the section that will describe the haunts and such is still under construction for now.
In other news Coaster Dynamix came in to build their new Phoenix kit in the park over the weekend and was selling this newest kit to the public for $150. For now the only place you can buy The Phoenix is through Busch Gardens Williamsburg, at least through to the end of August, after which they will begin to sell it through their official website and through other hobby stores. They were also apparently showing off a new Griffon model kit that will be sold exclusively through the park sometime this fall. From what I’ve heard, the park was taking pre-orders for anyone interested in buying one.