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    Share your Scare!

    Once you have visited the Haunt, I invite you to share your scariest scare right here. Where were you scared? How?

    Last night, I was scared senseless in Cornstalkers in one of the barn "room" things. I walked in and there was lots of hanging black plastic that I had to navigate through. I was at the front of the line so there was no "guide" person in front of you to follow or see where the monsters jump out at. Anyway, as I walked through the room a monster from my left jumped out and I shot to the right side of the barn. Guess who was on the right side of the barn? You guessed it, another monster that scared the daylights out of me! I swear it was so scary that I practically fell backwards and was about to start a human domino line.

    Now it's your turn to share your scariest scare.

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    Re: Share your Scare!

    i had a good time. despite pirate monkey showing the monsters that im right behind lol. that was awesome. I burst into laughter.

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    Re: Share your Scare!

    My scariest scares has to be at Cornstalkers and Labyrinth.

    At Cornstalkers, almost all of the actors came at me at every corner! I couldn't get at least 1 minute to catch my breath until i exited that maze. LOL

    At Labyrinth, this actor in a demon goat mask followed me, most of the time I was in there!

    Ok, maybe this encounter below wasn't scary, but it was wierd both times:

    In the Terror in London maze, at the end, this midget monster creeped me out. Every time he saw me he would follow me and point at me. For what? I don't know. Even the MC group I was with couldn't figure it out. LOL

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