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    Six Flags New Orleans to be Nickelodeon Universe New Orleans

    I just woke up to this...I'm on vacation in New Orleans and there's a press conference on right now announcing that Six Flags New Orleans is going to be turned into Nickelodeon's first stand-alone outdoor theme park! And apparently most of the park is going to be privately funded, with little coming from the city.
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    Re: Six Flags New Orleans to be Nickelodeon Universe New Orleans

    I'm afraid that is old news. The deal fell apart when the backer, Southern Star Amusements, couldn't come up with the performance bond. Nick (Viacom) has pulled out of the deal.

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    Re: Six Flags New Orleans to be Nickelodeon Universe New Orleans

    I never heard this, and since I live in louisiana it would have been really cool!

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    Re: Six Flags New Orleans to be Nickelodeon Universe New Orleans

    I was really excited when I heard of this (big Nickelodeon fan), but the deal fell through.

    Nickelodeon needs to get back in the game when it comes to theme parks. All of their areas in the former Paramount Parks are being rethemed for this coming season, leaving their only American theme park presence at Universal Studios Florida with Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast and Nickelodeon Universe inside the Mall of America.

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    Re: Six Flags New Orleans to be Nickelodeon Universe New Orleans

    While this is old news, I will say this...

    Don't buy into anything Southern Star Amusements is claiming to do.

    Just go to this link, and read all the post OldJJMan provides.
    SFNO/Southern Star Saga: facts and speculation - Theme Park Review

    SSA has been doing a whole lot of claims, but they can't get any money to buy anything. They needed to pay something in the thousand range and couldn't bring the money on time, then a few months later they claim they have 12.4 million to buy the park right then and there.

    Face it, there won't be a new park in that spot...and if something is built for some idotic reason, it's not going to last.
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