Last night, my boyfriend and I went to Christmas in the Park located in Downtown San Jose. We met up with a bunch of people (mostly his friends), but after a while, my boyfriend and I ended up splitting from the group to take some pictures…. He took a lot of pictures of the dioramas and the Christmas trees, while I took a lot of pictures of the ferris wheel. We split photo duty, like we always do. [=

So here are some of my favorite ferris wheel shots from the night:

A bokeh shot? I've always wanted to learn how to do a shot like this where all the lights are blurry and whatnot, and I finally learned how to do it! But for all the other photograhpers out there, is this considered bokeh? I read on another website that this is not bokeh and it's vignetting? Please correct me if I'm wrong in calling it a bokeh shot. lol

We were walking to the funnel cake stand when I shot this one. It reminds me of a half orange. [=

I like the colors on this one.

The next few shots are shots that I took with the shutter open for 4 seconds. I think they came out really nice, despite the streetlight that's right there. ]= BUT, I am very proud of these shots and I'm so excited to share these with everyone! [=

So those are the shots that I took, and they are my favorites from the night. I've uploaded the rest, as well as my boyfriend's shots onto my Flickr, so you can view the entire night's pictures here.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed them. I had a lot of fun taking them! [=