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    101st Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

    Went to the final night of the boat parade and brought back some pics!

    All of the displays caught in these images are either those of actual homes or boats at Balboa.

    Click on each image for the original format.

    Somebody had actually set up their own arctic display infront of their home. This was a VERY popular picture spot.

    This house had a really cute idea. Hundreds of bears were placed on display in every single window. This image only catches one of the windows on the second floor.

    Along with bears, this home was most noticable for it's snow machine, blasting large quantities of sudsy white goodness on the surrounding crowds.

    By far one of the most intricate designs was a few houses down, with it's very own Santa audio animatronic.

    This display includes reindeer circling above the house and a tight-rope expert elf wheeling on one wheele above the crowd across a line which stretches from the house to the dock.

    And to finish the night, some fireworks at the Pier.

    Newpor Beach's boat parade ran from December 16-20th.

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    Re: 101st Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

    Thank you enjoy the pictures.....
    Soaring like an EAGLE !

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    Re: 101st Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

    nice pictures.

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