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    Zamperla to resserect Coney Island's "Luna Park"

    Zamperla International has announced the accusation of the defunct 'Astroland' at Coney Island,New York. The company has reported that the park will be rejuvenated into a modern re-imagining of the former 'Luna Park'.

    Zamperla will use the amusement park as an experimental showcase for new ride technologies, while majorly renovating Astroland's world famous Manhattan Wonder Wheel and Cyclone roller coaster. As well as integrating new themed Zamperla rides such as the confirmed Giant Discovery, Mega Disk'O and Air Force junior suspended roller coaster.

    The new "Luna Park at Coney Island" is scheduled to open summer 2011.

    Further insight and concept art can be found HERE!
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    Re: Zamperla to resserect Coney Island's "Luna Park"

    While I'm glad to see that Coney Island will have an amusement park, Zamperla rides don't give me much enthusiasm to make a visit.

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    Talking Re: Zamperla to resserect Coney Island's "Luna Park"

    Anyone know what happened to Thor's plans for a huge condo development? Last I heard, they owned pretty much all of the Coney Island area and had threatened to burn it to the ground rather than let the amusement park remain. Maybe something good will come out the the real estate crash.

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    Re: Zamperla to resserect Coney Island's "Luna Park"

    Well, dang. I read "new Luna Park" and got really excited, then read more about Zamperla after your comment indianajack, and am now also not so enthused. From what little concept art I've seen, looks like they're going to build more of a post-1914 post-Thompson-and-Dundy park but riff off the 1903-1914 era designs. So far it's not looking like the cultural signpost the original Luna was...

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