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    Re: Sad Day For Knott's Berry Farm

    Any park needs rides in order to survive. Had Knott's not built their rides, it's quite likely that the entire park would have died and ALL, rather than some, of the uniqueness would have been lost. I'm pretty sure that's not what you all would have wanted.

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    Re: Sad Day For Knott's Berry Farm

    Yes I do remember Reflection Lake,the Haunted Shack,and Snoopys funhouse.Anyone remember that one Snoopys funhouse in Camp Snoopy where it had white walls and a long enclosed slide.Not to mention a continous laugh track that would play in there.I havent been to knotts since 1991 so it's sad to hear it's changed some especially since I am going back in September.

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    Re: Sad Day For Knott's Berry Farm

    There is an entire list I could come up with.

    I guess what I'll start with is the loss of childhood. I miss the old Camp Snoopy. There are remanents left, the biplanes come to mind, ferris wheel etc. But one of the biggest features, the Suspension Bridge, is gone. It sounds trivial, but that bridge was so much a part of Camp Snoopy that it was featured in advertisements. Reflection Lake was another stunning loss. You only have to ride the Steam Train to realize just how great that loss is. What was once a vibrant lake with a steam boat and steam train is now a concrete and steel wasteland. The train is simply a sad reminder of better times. Cedar Fair ran out of room elsewhere... so when they wanted Sidewinder they simply slammed it into Camp Snoopy, not really caring what was around it. The loss of the Playhouse was inevitable. The upkeep wasn't there and it ususally smelled like a gym locker room.

    I miss Soapbox, and was EXTREMELY pissed when Windjammer opened, then closed, in the proverbial blink of an eye. I am glad Xcelarator is there now. It may not fit perfectly but it at least makes up for the loss. Pony Express is just an embarassment... it was "Lets put in a loop". You really don't do anything, but they managed to screw up Ghost Town just by building it. Haunted Shack was on the way out, but the Screamin Swings was just a slap in the face. Let's take out something that was unique and free... and toss in a carnival ride you now have to pay for. Silver Bullet I don't care either way, except that it contributed to the loss of Reflection Lake and the loss of the White Chapel.

    For those saying "you have to have rides" I agree. Disneyland also has "rides". The difference is the amount of thought, planning, and theme that goes into them. Disney at least tries to make things match (well used to anyways). Cedar Fair doesn't even bother.

    As I've said before nothing destroys the Ghost Town feeling faster then someone hawking glow in the dark buttons and backpacks and blankets from outside swapmeet stalls all along the street... then again as I watch someone sip beer from a neon cup I hardly realize I'm even in Knotts anymore.
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