Dubai, evidently is still putting out word that Dubailand, a combination of a variety amusement centers and theme parks is still moving forward, despite the worldwide recession, and an extremely limited tourist visiting.

Yeah, we would expect them to keep putting out positive word of mouth, with wanting to retain projects with Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, Marvel, Six Flags, Legoland, among others, and dozens of new hotels.

But stories keep coming out regarding people coming into Dubai, on the promise of jobs, but when they arrive, they end up with their passports confiscated and basically forced into slave labor, with horrible living and working conditions.

Sahinal Monir, a slim 24-year-old from the deltas of Bangladesh. "To get you here, they tell you Dubai is heaven. Then you get here and realise it is hell," he says. Four years ago, an employment agent arrived in Sahinal's village in Southern Bangladesh. He told the men of the village that there was a place where they could earn 40,000 takka a month (400) just for working nine-to-five on construction projects. It was a place where they would be given great accommodation, great food, and treated well. All they had to do was pay an up-front fee of 220,000 takka (2,300) for the work visa a fee they'd pay off in the first six months, easy. So Sahinal sold his family land, and took out a loan from the local lender, to head to this paradise.
As soon as he arrived at Dubai airport, his passport was taken from him by his construction company. He has not seen it since. He was told brusquely that from now on he would be working 14-hour days in the desert heat where western tourists are advised not to stay outside for even five minutes in summer, when it hits 55 degrees Celsius (130 fahrenheit) for 500 dirhams a month (90), less than a quarter of the wage he was promised. If you don't like it, the company told him, go home. "But how can I go home? You have my passport, and I have no money for the ticket," he said. "Well, then you'd better get to work," they replied.
The dark side of Dubai - Johann Hari, Commentators - The Independent

There is a ton more information about what is really happening in Dubai. Doesn't look like a place that a wise investment at all.

Hopefully Marvel and Disney will take a closer look at what is actually happening (along with the rest of the companies currently involved) and get out of the project and publicly voice their concerns of the lack of human rights in Dubai.