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    Aimster & Wonderpup visit Wall Springs Park (photo heavy)

    Wonderpup, the BF & I took a trip to Wall Springs Park today. We had a late little picnic lunch, then explored the park.

    Here's some history of the park:

    Wall Springs was opened at the turn of the 20th century by the Wall family. The natural hot springs are a constant 74 degrees.

    In 1927 the Wall family sold it to the Davis family, who changed the name from Wall Springs to Health Springs – where they marketed and extolled the health benefits of these waters. Mr. Harry Davis also spread the myth that Spanish explorer Ponce De Leon discovered this spring.

    Mr. Davis eventually sold the property to the Cullen family of Palm Harbor in 1949. The Cullen family changed the name back to Wall Springs and operated it as a commercial recreational facility. They added many amenities like horseshoes, volleyball, hiking paths, picnic shelters and more.

    Back in the 1950’s this Spring was the site of a freshwater beach where tourists enjoyed lounging and bathing in these pristine waters.

    Eventually in 1966 the Cullen family closed the facility due to high insurance premiums and liabilities. which left the door open for Pinellas County to acquire Wall Springs in 1988.

    Wall Springs Park has been a work in progress since Pinellas County started off with the initial purchase of approximately 63 acres in 1988. The park officially opened on August 20, 2005 and now weighs in at about 195 acres. Winding throughout are boardwalks and lush nature trails and a 35-foot observation tower.

    There’s plenty of parking as well as four fishing piers, a covered playground, and four shelters that can be reserved up to a year in advance. With BBQ grills and sheltered picnic tables you can have fun from 7AM until dusk.
    Enough history... onto the photos!

    An overview map of the park


    Fish that now live in the spring

    Let's see where this path leads

    This is the view from the top of the observation tower

    The water areas surrounding the park is called Boggy Bayou

    You can go fishing off some of the piers


    It's so quiet and peaceful here

    Pretty flowers

    Another pathway

    Interesting tree

    Another squirrel! I had some trail mix in my backpack, so I fed it a couple cashews, which it LOVED!

    A sign with a picture showing what the spring look liked when the public could swim in it

    Part of the spring now (the water is still crystal clear)

    Who wants to go swimming?

    baby ducks!

    Duck fight!


    Hope you enjoyed the pics! We plan on checking out more of the parks around Tampa Bay this summer, so stay tuned for more adventures!

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    Re: Aimster & Wonderpup visit Wall Springs Park (photo heavy)

    aw! How sweet of you to share with the squirrels! I'm sure they appreciated it.

    And how nice of Wonderpup not to chase them. Or the ducks! What a wellbehaved dog. LOL

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