Hey everyone! I want to get some practice posting pictures on here and writing a little report for this summer. I've uploaded these pictures to MiceChat. Is that the way to do it? It's a little confusing, but I'm gonna try.

My family met up with our cousins from Hilton Head Island, and together we spent a great week in Key West, Florida in April 2010.

This picture of my little brother in front of Mel Fisher's Museum (and a great little cafe, in the back,) was too perfect.

A view of the Shipwreck Treasures Museum. (Maybe next time!)

A little bit of Mallory Square. We spent a lot of time around here.

Our picture with Mile 0 of Route 1. (Left to right: me, my sister, best friend [off of a cruise ship,] cousin)

Our picture with the Southernmost Point.

Parasailing! It's like Soarin' without the soundtrack.