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Thread: Vegas!!!!!!

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    Re: Vegas!!!!!!

    Day 3:

    With Memorial Day weekend officially over the town was much quieter for the rest of our trip. On Day 3 we sleept in again and just as the day before once we got up we went back over to the Mandalay bay to enjoy the pool. It was very nice this day with many of the people who were there the previous day now gone. It wasn't crowded at all and we found a nice place next to the pool to relax.

    We got some sun and had a great time playing in the pool. RJ and I also figured out how to enjoy the Wave pool the best. If you time the waves just right you will find that It will push you pretty much all the way to the edge of the pool. Once we figured that out we messed around in the waves for probably around 30 minutes while the girls played with the children in the kiddie pool.

    After playing in the water we relaxed again in the sun before calling it a day. While relaxing we discussed our plans with RJ and Crystal for what we had planned for the day. We mentioned that one of the things we wanted to do in Vegas was go see the show "The Lion King". In our Luxor coupon book there was a coupon for a free seat upgrade. However Crystal mentioned that in there Mandalay Bay coupon book they had a coupon for 30% off any seat for the show. Since this seemed like the better deal we asked her to grab us two tickets (they couldn't come with) and we would pay them back.

    After finishing at the Pool we went back to the Luxor to get ready for the rest of our day. While Kiera was getting ready I went down to the Luxor Atrium to grab us some lunch from the food court. While I was down there I figured I would take some photos of the atrium as well as this would probably be my last chance to.

    After eating Lunch we talked about what we wanted to do for the time until we needed to get ready for the Show. There was one thing I had in mind. Out of all the years and many trips i've made to Vegas I had never done it. I wanted to go to the top of the Eiffle Tower at the Paris resort. So thats what we decided to do. So off we went taking pictures along the way.

    Keep in mind that if you chose to go up the Eiffle tower that its not incredably cheap. It costs $10 a person to do. And if you wanna go up at night (when I'm sure the views of the strip are even more incredable) it will cost you $15 a person. However in my opinion the cost was well worth it. The views from a top the Eiffle tower are amazing. I've been atop the Stratosphere in the past. And although the Eiffle tower isn't near the height of the Stratosphere I thought the view was better. The reason being is that the Stratosphere is off the main portion of the strip. Theres nothing really around it. The Eiffle tower is for the most part center strip and offers excellent views. Also time it right with the Bellagio fountain show (like we did) and thats even an incredable experiance.

    After we finished at Paris we started making our way back to the Luxor to get ready for our show that evening. However we decided to quickly browse thru the Mall out Planet Hollywood and grab a cool drink at the Sugar Factory there.

    Once back at the Hotel we changed again for the day into some nicer clothes. We didn't know what kind of a dress was required for a show like the Lion King. We knew some musicals require you to dress nice so we dressed nicer then out normal clothes but not as nice as say Sunday Dress. Turned out that there wasn't any sort of Dress code so If you go to this show keep that in mind.

    After getting ready we meet Crystal and RJ in Mandalay Place where they gave us our tickets. We ended up only paying 95 bucks for them which was a great deal considering they are normally $65 a ticket. We then said our goodbyes and proceded to the threater in Mandalay Bay since they recommended that we arrive for the show an hour before it started.

    After a short wait we were soon allowed into the theatre to find our seats. Now one thing to keep in mind if you can get a 30% your tickets at the Mandalay bay. You do not get to to chose your seats. Your just garrentted seats in that price range. Well our seats were in the very tip corner you could be. The top to seats furthest from the stage. As more people showed up you could see who used that discount as the very top tow rows were filled up with people. Yet there were a few empty rows of seats in the middle of the section. So they intentionally place those who use the discount the furthest from the stage you can get. But thats not too bad since the theater is farely small and no matter where you sit you have good views of the stage.

    The show turned out to be Very VERY good. It was everything we would hope it would be and more. I highly recommend the show to anyone. Not only will you get your moneys worth but it is also one of the cheaper shows on the strip. And its not a condensed down version too like other Strip shows are. Its the full length broadway show. The only other thing I would recommend is that if you have the budget for it get some seats close of the stage. Not because the view is better but because there are many things that go on down there like the actors in the isle ways and things flying above your head that we didn't get to experiance on the top level.

    When the show finally got over we were starving. Since we didn't want to go to far we decided to grab dinner at the House of Blues thats also located in the Mandalay Bay. We ate at this restaurant in Downtown Disney in Orlando last fall and absolutly loved it. So we decided to go there again. The food was excellent again and this time there was even a live band playing. It was fun having the entertainment however it made it very loud in there. We could barely hear each other speak. Also if you decide to go to the House of Blues keep in mind that if there is a band playing while you are eating they will charge you for it. Our bill had an 8% enterainment fee added to it. Something had I known about before sitting down (No band played when we were in Orlando) we probably would have ate else where.

    After Dinner we made our way back thru Mandalay Place to the Luxor. All thruout the walk area though they had displays up for the Lion King showing how they did many of the things they do in the show. It was pretty cool stopping and reading about the show that we just watched and Loved.

    We were soon back to our Hotel room and called it a night. This would be our last night in Vegas as we would be heading home the following afternoon and have the final day of our little vacation.

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    Re: Vegas!!!!!!

    nice trip report. thanks.

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