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    Prices at Legoland go up ... again

    New ticket prices went into effect at Legoland this week, Adults and Children/Senior tickets have all gone up three bucks to $49.95 and $41.95.
    I'm sorry. Legoland is a great park but IMO it is most definately not worth $50 to get in the gate.

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    Re: Prices at Legoland go up ... again

    Well to me Legoland is for little kids but some people pay that much and thinks its cool to go in, everybody has seperate opinions..
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    Re: Prices at Legoland go up ... again

    We have two lifetime passes, which also gives us four free passes per year each. That is just enough to get us all in three times per year (and with the freebie tag-along coupons that they also send us each year we can take friends).

    We got the two life passes their first year, so we figure in two more years, they will have paid for themselves.

    We still have kids under 12, so the Park is still fun for us. Our oldest likes to go too, but can't go on too many of the rides...

    Sorry to hear about the price increase, but with the new owners, we figured as much.

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