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    Road Trip South --Jim Henson Museum and more!

    One thing I have learned about myself this summer is that as much as I love to travel, I also love to come to Micechat and post my trip reports! I hope you all don't mind another Trip Report from me.

    My boyfriend, Shawn, has a son (known as SM) who visits him here in Illinois every summer. He lives the rest of the year with his mother in northern Louisiana. I agreed this summer to take SM back to LA. So we left early Thursday morning and pretty much drove the whole way there without stopping (except for bathroom and lunch breaks). The states we were in during one day were: Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. Wow!

    Father and Son by starberryshyne, on Flickr
    The Welcome Center in Arkansas had a beautiful view of a lake and was all wooden. Much nicer than anything I have seen in Illinois!

    Welcome to Mississippi by starberryshyne, on Flickr
    The Welcome Center in Mississippi looked like a big paddle boat, which I thought was neat!

    After getting SM back home to LA, we traveled a bit and settled in for the night in Mississippi. The next morning, we went to the "Home of Kermit the Frog" at the Jim Henson Museum in Leland, Mississippi.

    Jim Henson Museum by starberryshyne, on Flickr

    The Lovers, the Dreamers and Me by starberryshyne, on Flickr

    Rain Forest Frogs by starberryshyne, on Flickr

    Muppet Display case #1 by starberryshyne, on Flickr

    Our new friend, Kermit by starberryshyne, on Flickr

    The museum is small but is a very nice tribute to Jim Henson. There was a lot to look at. Sadly we were the only people in there and the tour guide lady was VERY chatty. She followed us around and kept telling us little things. Sometimes it is nice to just look on your own, but oh well. She also didn't have anything good to say about Disney and the Muppets. I wouldn't say you need to make a speical trip to Leland, MS to see this museum, but if you are in the area it is well worth going into, especially if you are a fan of Kermit and Jim Henson.

    We stopped again in Sikeston, Missouri for the night. The main reason for choosing this town was because of Lambert's Cafe. It has been on the Food network a bunch of times. They are the home of the throwed rolls. And yes they do throw rolls right at you. The food portions are HUGE and the atmosphere is a lot of fun. There is a live piano player and tons of things to look at. I was amazed at how far these guys threw the rolls!

    They even had a website! by starberryshyne, on Flickr

    The decor by starberryshyne, on Flickr

    We stayed at the Best Western in Sikeston and it is an awesome hotel. Great swimming pool, free internet, and they gave us a suite! Whoo hoo!

    But all fun times come to an end and we were back home in Illinois in Saturday afternoon. However, we are already talking about the trip next summer and how we want to make it longer and do other things.

    Sara S.
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    Re: Road Trip South --Jim Henson Museum and more!

    OMG, i had no idea there was a Jim Henson museum! Is this by chance, my only reason to head to Mississippi?

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    Re: Road Trip South --Jim Henson Museum and more!

    Quote Originally Posted by Coheteboy View Post
    OMG, i had no idea there was a Jim Henson museum! Is this by chance, my only reason to head to Mississippi?
    Um, hello Lance Bass was born in Mississippi! That is a better reason!

    Thanks for the TR, I hate it when people at museums and such are all chatty like that!
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