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    Lion at MGM Grand Attacks!!!

    The Las Vegas casino's captive mascot goes on strike at MGM Grand Las Vegas by attacking the trainer in front of an audience yesterday (Sept 8 =)
    [ame=]YouTube - Lion Attacks Trainer at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas[/ame]

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    Re: Lion at MGM Grand Attacks!!!

    Holy Crap, that's crazy. Weird that he was only going after that one guy.

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    Re: Lion at MGM Grand Attacks!!!

    meh... that is just cats play! lol

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    Re: Lion at MGM Grand Attacks!!!

    I love these articles. They come out every now and then...

    You're working with WILD ANIMALS. They're DANGEROUS. No matter how long their ancestors have been in captivity, there's still some instinctive part of their brain that responds to being in their natural habitat.

    Standing unprotected with them in confined areas? Yes, you should understand the risk.

    (...sorry...end of rant lol)
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    Re: Lion at MGM Grand Attacks!!!

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