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    San Diego Zoo OR Wild Animal Park

    GF and I are making a trip to San Diego in March and we only have time for 1 of the 2 parks.

    Which do you recommend and why?
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    Re: San Diego Zoo OR Wild Animal Park

    I think that the San Diego Zoo has more to offer. I find it to be a more compact, easier to navigate park along with having more interesting exhibits and animals. However, they are both great parks (WAP is MASSIVE), and I think you would have a fine time at either of them.

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    Re: San Diego Zoo OR Wild Animal Park

    Depends on your preferences,

    Personally I enjoy both parks for what they offer. WAP is a lot of open space and a natural setting for herd animals. The displays are more about herd animals, so there are a lot of the same species on display. My kids love the SD Zoo, more species on display and easier to see them!
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    Re: San Diego Zoo OR Wild Animal Park

    I prefer the Animal park personally because I just love the leisurely tram ride.

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    Re: San Diego Zoo OR Wild Animal Park

    Well, I prefer Sea World

    But between the two you list, I go with the Zoo. Much wider variety of animals to see, and closer up. In the summer they offered a Cirque De whatever type show later in the day. If you don't want to walk it all, the Zoo does offer different tour buses. I'm not sure if they still have it, but they used to have a skyway ride, too. There was also a seal lion show too. The Zoo is definitley more compact than the WAP, BUT it still is a large area to walk.

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