So, this is a combination of a few seperete trips to King's Island since it's opening last weekend.
Wind seeker is not open, and Son Of Beast (even though the last of the lawsuits are now over with) will again not run this season.

Opening day was April 30th and for once, we had decent weather!!! For the entire month of April we had 2 days of sunshine, all the rest was rain and severe storms so needless to say everyone wanted to get out and enjoy some fresh air for a change because it was a very packed park!

The first thing you now see when entering the park is this guy.
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He might look harmless, but every now and then his head will turn, his mouth open, his hands move and he'll roar. Now this feature seemed to only work opening weekend because the past 2 times i've been back, he doesn't roar, just move.

Others like him will be at Dinosaurs Alive! when it opens towards the end of the month. This guy guards what will be the gateway to the park:
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(he doesn't move)

And next door to this new attraction is Wind Seeker. Due to the lack of sunshine and dry weather during the month of april, construction and testing for this new ride has been delayed, so as of today, they have said that they hope to get it open by next weekend.
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On opening weekend, this was as close as you were allowed to come.
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But by this weekend, you could get right up next to it. They had water dummies on 1 seat per car for testing.
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You can see some guys up in there working on it.
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They also did a little bit more landscaping in that area
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More to come....