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    The Best Roller Coaster Safety Spiel, EVER

    the official video is a lot better, here's the link:
    Rollercoaster Safety with Patrick Warburton from Funny Or Die, Scott Gairdner, Patrick Warburton, James Codeglia, Kat Bardot, Ghostlight, and PerryAdamSmith
    What a killer roller coaster?

    A pregnant mother "Your screaming for two"

    Person with a disability? "Escort them to Fort Special"

    Now, if only a theme park had the guts to be this blunt!!!
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    Re: The Best Roller Coaster Safety Spiel, EVER

    That was pretty good. too bad nothing was said about storing "these little beauties."

    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!

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