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    Beijing Monkey Kingdom Concept Art

    The LA Times Themepark Blog has posted several concept images for the upcoming Beijing Monkey Kingdom opening in 2014. The Park draws inspiration from stories in the 16th century "Journey to the West" folk tale. The Park is being designed by the ThinkWell Group who have in the past helped to develop such themepark attractions as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Cirque du Soleil' Zed. Most of the team at ThinkWell have in the past worked at either Disney or Universal.

    The LA Times Blog Photos: Concept art of China's Monkey Kingdom theme park -

    The ThinkWell Group Website
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    Re: Beijing Monkey Kingdom Concept Art

    I think that is a really neat idea. I travelled from east to west in China this summer, and there were many statues and sites related to "Journey to the West". I think this could be extremely successful.
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    Re: Beijing Monkey Kingdom Concept Art

    The art looks nice and I think the team at ThinkWell will, do good work, but wonder about such a limited subject matter. I think seeing how the park expands will be more interesting.

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