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    Sunset on the deck of the USS Midway Museum...

    Back in January, my wife and I decided to spend some time visiting parts of our own city (San Diego) that we have never seen. We figured that people travel to San Diego from all over the world and there are so many things in it we haven't experienced that we should take some time and be a tourist in our own back yard.

    One of those days was spent at the USS Midway Museum. Of course I am always happy to have something new to take pictures of, so I was all for it. My main goal was to be on the deck at sunset so I could take pictures of the planes silhouetted against the setting sun. For anyone wanting to do this, you have to visit in the winter because they close promptly at 5:00 pm and that is the only time of year when the sun sets early enough to get these type of shots.

    To be honest, I found the inside workings of the ship interesting but from a photographic standpoint, there wasn't much that held any interest to me. Maybe it was because I knew the sun would be setting soon so I was in a hurry to get out of the bowels of the ship and onto the flight deck.

    Since I was basically shooting directly into the sun, I put a polarizing filter and a Sky 1A filter on my lens and dropped my exposure compensation down to -2 so the foreground would be mostly silhouetted. Here are several of those photos. I hope you enjoy them.

    After this, I got booted off because they were closing. I didn't want to waste the tiny bit of sunset left so I spent a few minutes in the parking lot shooting these.

    This is the USS Ronald Reagan.

    And... looking back at the skyline of San Diego. I call this one Emerald City.
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    Re: Sunset on the deck of the USS Midway Museum...

    Thank you. I spent a few years on the Midway's sister ship the Coral Sea. Brought back interesting memories.

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