As promised in the thread I posted in Community Events, here are the pictures and ride report from today's Surf City AIDS Ride.

The ride started out a little cool and overcast (about 54). While the course opened at 7AM, I waited at least a half hour for a little sun. But before long I was off and pedaling to the first rest stop, which was only about 7 miles from the start. Nice spot, right on the beach.

Some of the rest stops were themed. The volunteers here took some time to work on their "Singing in the Rain" choreography.

At about 20 miles into the ride, I encountered Princess Leia and Darth Vader.

After that rest stop, the 60 and 100 mile courses diverged, and I followed the 100-mile course. The next 3 stops weren't particularly themed. but I did manage to stop and snap a couple photos from San Juan Grade, between Salinas and San Juan Bautista. Both of them are looking back towards the coast.

Lunch was in Aromas. I had to wait for more food, so I took the time to send Fishy a few pictures to share with Dusty and the red shirts at Disneyland. At least they promised pie at the next stop, and they delivered. The stop was called "Banana Cakes BikeRWash." Don't ask me why. Something to do with the 35th anniversary of the movie "Car Wash."

I liked their orange shirts, so I had to get in the picture.

I had a small piece each of apple and strawberry rhubarb. (The was about 75 miles into the ride.)

At 90 miles into the ride, I encountered zombies. I think they were trying to eat me.

They had a touching memorial banner that they asked us all to sign. I drew a little bike under the word "honor."

Only 10 miles left, and it was all urban, with lots of stoplights. How nice it was to see the finish line.

So, after 6 hours and 44 minutes of bike riding, I'm able to stand and smile at the finish.