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    Binions Haunted Casino

    Im going to Vegas next weekend... I'm assuming they will have the Binions Haunted Casino attraction again this year... anyone been to it before? Is it worth the price of admission? thanks.

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    Re: Binions Haunted Casino

    Never heard about it, but did recently see an ad for a walking tour of the 13th floor of Circus Circus:

    This Halloween seasonthe 13th floor at Circus Circus turns into a haunted experience guaranteed to terrify even the bravest. Guests will board a haunted elevator that immediately transports them to the 13th floor which has been transformed with hotel furniture that comes to life, a sťance to contact former guests and much more. This haunted tour will give guests a first-hand look at some of these eerie events as they are guided through 13 unique rooms on this grim floor. Hotel “staff” including housekeepers, bellman, concierge and clowns will roam the hallways with grisly motives in mind. The interactive experience will allow guests to become the wedding party for a corpse wedding; tour the bellman’s closet for remnants of guests who have checked in, but not out; and narrowly escape becoming the dinner the staff is preparing for the haunted inhabitants. Not recommended for children under 12.
    Dates: Oct. 7 – 10; 13 – 17; 20 – 31
    NOT OPEN Oct. 11, 12, 18, 19

    Admission: $19.95
    Buy: For information on hours and buying tickets, visit or call (702) 691-5898
    Location : Circus Circus in Las Vegas
    Contact : (702) 691-5898

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