Yesterday the Efteling opened it's gates for the firstt time to celebrate new year's eve. This was also the start of the 60th anniversary of the park.
When we arrived around 2 pm, we first visited friends of ourse who stay at Bosrijk for this weekend. My fiancée and I were never before in Bosrijk so we did walk around. It is a great place; het Poorthuys (porch) where you arrive, the cosy houses, the sand castle of the sandman (he wasn't home. We did not catch a show). After staying for around 1 hour we went to the park with our friends. It was busy, but not overcrowded at all. We did do some rides like Python (new Verkome coaches are great), Joris en de Draak, Droomvlucht. After the new projectshows on Spookslot (interactive ghosts; Winter Efteling Illusies - Meezwevende geesten - YouTube) and Villa Volta (3D Mapping Efteling, Villa Volta - YouTube). After these projections our friends decided to go to Bosrijk for dinner. My fiancée and I decided to stay at the park, and go try for evening tickets to Ravelijn (beautifully lighted). Unfortunately there was a huge qeue when the tickets became available at 6 pm. After waiting for about 30 minutes and only move 1 step forward we gave up. After a dinner (20 to 30 minutes) we came back, but no tickets were available for both shows. We walked around the park and did some rides instead. No punishment at all. We finally walked through the fairy tale forrest. It is great, but even better when you take your time. There are so many details as for example the broom in an tree. Can you find it?
The music started and we walked to the Brink (central hub). We mainly stayed over there for the rest for the evening, and our friends joined us. Allthough the final countdown went a bit wrong, so the special surprice effect on the Pagode was late, it was so much fun. A fantastic atmosphere on an overcrowded Brink (most visitors came around 8 pm and on - Twitter). The fireworks were accompanied by a Efteling music remix and lights. Each ride theme was supported by its own colours (Ravelijn had the 5 colours of the knights, Spookslot had white for ghosts, and on). Afterwards there was music until around 1 pm, when we and around 20 to 25k other visitors went home. Some pictures on Oud en nieuw in de efteling - 31-12-2011 -
This great party with a variety of music (gospel, DJ, karaoke, band), entertainment, count down screens, and so on was the start of the official 60 anniversary year of the Efteling. There will be loads of fesitivities. A list:
- Sprookjeboom movie (feb); Feature film of the Sprookjesboom series (Fairy tale tree). As well as cinemas in at least the Netherlands as in the Efteling itself.
- Return of Jokie (feb); A couple of years ago the Carnaval Festival mascotte Jokie had been replaces by Loekie (well know cartoon character in the Netherlands). Now Jokie will return in the ride. He also will have his own television series (probably on Nickelodeon). 'T Valies (shop) will be updated.
- Opening Polle's Keuken (mar); This is fase 1 of the Hartenhof project. Allthough the ride has been postponed to 2014/2015 due to the ride system, this pancake restaurant, coffee corner and ice cream corner will open on the the national day of the pancake (did not know we had one :shock: ).
- Guiness book of records: largest school trip in the world (apr)
- New book on the subject of the Efteling; 60 jaar Efteling (60 years Efteling)
- Documentary "Zijn we er al?" / "Are we there yet?" on tv and DVD.
- Aquanura (may); third largest fountain show in the world. By WET.
- Summer evenings; new style.
- Parade; "De bonte stoet"/ "The cheerful ceremony" (aug)
- New fiary tale in fairy tale forrest; the emperor's clothes (nov)