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    San Diego 1 day tirp

    Hi Everyone!

    Next weekend I'm making a 1 day trip with my girlfriend(19) her best friend(19) and my cousin(18) I want to have a really nice time but none of them are 21 and over so we cant hit up bars or anything which im fine with. Now anyone have any suggestions on where to go where to eat stuff like that where it can take up the whole day? We are going to be leaving early in the morning next saturday and plan on being there all day. We have a little over $500 to spend, I dont plan on spending everything lol but I want to have a good time.

    Please help

    Thanks you guys!

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    Sea port village. San diego zoo. Sea world. Coronado. There are just a few places that you can have fun being under 21. There is also places like old town and balboa park. Balboa park has some cool museums and also has a botanical gardens.

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    Re: San Diego 1 day tirp

    I'd say San Diego Zoo... on the weekends you can also feed a giraffe for $5!
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    Re: San Diego 1 day tirp

    Old Town is another place to visit. Mexican food aplenty.

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