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    Indianapolis Super Bowl Village

    Hi everyone just wanted to share a few photos of the Super Bowl village in Downtown Indy. Today is only the second day the village has been open and we decided to take a trip down to see what the hype was about. In retrospect we kind of wish we had stayed in as it was barely 30* with quite breezy winds make it brrrrrrrr cold wind chills in the 20* range. Any way here are a few photos with commentary hope you all enjoy.

    Name:  SBvillage 022-1.jpg
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    The Big 46

    Name:  SBvillage 003.jpg
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    Nice Ice Sculpture

    Name:  SBvillage 004.jpg
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    Signs on closed streets

    Name:  Super Bowl Village 001.jpg
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    One of the screens showing entertainment from the stages

    Name:  Super Bowl Village 009.jpg
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    Me in front of the Giants Indy Car
    They had a Indy Car for every team in the NFL

    Name:  SBvillage 009-1.jpg
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    Entrance too the NFl experience at $25 a pop we skipped it

    More pictures to come once I find the other camera and Download them hope you enjoy these

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    Re: Indianapolis Super Bowl Village

    Finally got the other camera found here are a few more pics.

    Name:  Super Bowl Village 019.jpg
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    A few more of the Indy Cars in Downtown

    Name:  Super Bowl Village 012.jpg
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    These are the warming stations they have hanging about every 50 feet or so.

    Name:  Super Bowl Village 010.jpg
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    Field Turf in front of the NFL experience and the zip line tower. We tried to get a shot of someone on the zip line with no luck

    Name:  SBvillage 008.jpg
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    I will leave you all with a look at the price the vendors were charging for food in the village

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