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    Has anyone ever been to Key West?

    I'm wondering...what is there to do? Besides the Hemingway house...and the beaches. Speaking of the beaches...are they are crystal clear as they are in pictures? Thanks

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    Re: Has anyone ever been to Key West?

    When in Key West check out Bahia Hondaīs beaches. Itīs a bit outside Key West but worth the extra stop.
    Key West is more of an atmosphere thing really.

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    Re: Has anyone ever been to Key West?

    My husband and I have completely different vacation styles- I'm the theme park warrior, he's the "relax-and-imbibe" type. In Key West, it was a little harder to find things that were more my style. If you're into relaxing, there are plenty of bars and restaurants (conch is a local favorite), and of course, beaches. We spent more time reading at the resort pool, and I also managed to drag him onto a glass bottom boat tour. As Timmy said, it's more about the atmosphere.
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