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    Should Disney Buy the Virginia State Fair?

    We know that Virginia lost out on the opprtunity to have Disney's America in Haymarket, but now that the Virginia State Fair is in in Bankruptcy, needs a buyer, the farm that the race horse Secretariat was raised on is up for grabs. Disney made a movie about that horse. In the Disney's America idea, there was to have been a state fair concept that could easily be incorporated into that idea. Some say it's too close to the King's Dominion Theme park where you can see the park's Eiffel Tower and a few rollercoasters from that property, But could the Caroline/Hanover Counties handle it at the Exit 98 interchange? Would King's Dominion welcome it or block it? In any regard, if Disney ever gave it a second thought, now is the time for them to step up to the plate. If they stuck to the America concept, I bet we could see some great things in Central Virginia.

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    Re: Should Disney Buy the Virginia State Fair?

    I would LOVE it if Disney went forward with a Disney's America concept, but it's not going to happen.
    Too much money, too much hassle, limited operating hours, etc, etc, etc.
    If Eisner was still the CEO, I could see it happening, because we all know that he never gave up on an idea (see the Muppets), but not now.

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