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    Fright Fest Thoughts and Reflection

    I know it was a while back, but for those of you who went, or know people who went, how was it for you? What did you like, didn't like, could be improved for next year? Favorite mazes, favorite fright fest rides? From what I could tell from the guests walking around they all were really enjoying themselves. What did you guys think?

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    Re: Fright Fest Thoughts and Reflection

    well... i went to the Six Flags Magic Mountain one, and the only maze i got to go in was The Asylum, and i also went on Batman. i didnt get to go on any of the rides because the park was crowded... so me and my friends just stayed in the scare zones... it would be cool if they made the whole park a scare zone like at IOA Halloween Horror Nights. and if they stopped letting people in at a certain time so that you can go on all of the rides.

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