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    My assorted attractions photos (sideshow weirdness, roadside attractions, etc).

    Greetings all! Basically, this thread will be a place for me to post assorted photos from all over: fairs, amusement parks, dark rides, museums, roadside attractions, and etc that are one-off photos or don't warrant a thread dedicated to a single location. Location will be given with each photo of course, and consider this kind of an eclectic glimpse into previous travels and amusing sights. Will be updated as process/find old photos to share from many, many folders of digital photos.


    Raccoon skull and meat at an 'exotic meats' food location at the Alameda County Fair.

    Reinke Brothers Halloween store, Littleton, Colorado.

    Dinosaur Resource Center, Woodland, Colorado.

    Fried crawfish at the Alameda County Fair.

    Dickens Christmas Faire attendees, San Francisco.

    Pirates of Emerson Halloween attraction, Pleasanton fairgrounds.

    Dickens Christmas Faire.

    Downtown Sacramento.

    Cafe in Niles, CA.

    Vallejo Pirate Festival.

    Inside the old Haunted Castle dark ride in Santa Cruz, now refurbished and upgraded.

    Another from the old Haunted Castle.

    Ripley's museum at Fisherman's Wharf

    La Brea tar pits/Page discoveries museum.

    Same as above, the tar pits.

    Downtown L.A.

    Edward Scissorhands prop at the Tim Burton retrospective in Los Angeles.

    Original Nightmare Before Christmas stop-motion puppet.

    New Haunted Castle at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

    Vallejo Pirate Festival.

    A fiji mermaid at Ripley's at the Wharf....

    And another in El Cerrito at the Playland-Not-At-The-Beach museum.

    Vallejo Pirate Festival.

    Gift shop in Sedona, AZ.

    Calico Ghost Town

    Bedrock City, AZ.

    On the road to the Grand Canyon.

    Mystery Shack at Calico.

    Bottle house.

    Somewhere in the California desert.

    Calico Ghost Town.

    Thanks for looking and plenty more to come if folks have interest in this kind of nonsense!
    when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....

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    Re: My assorted attractions photos (sideshow weirdness, roadside attractions, etc).

    More Please! Man I want to learn to take pictures like you. I'm gonna save up and get me a new camera. Awesome pics.

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    Re: My assorted attractions photos (sideshow weirdness, roadside attractions, etc).

    Beautiful pictures. One of the best threads I have ever come across on MC.

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