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Thread: Walt's Man Cave

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    Walt's Man Cave

    I recently went to the D23 exhibit at the Reagan Library and got inspired to finally take a trip to the Walt Disney Barn in Griffith Park last month. I haven't seen a lot of threads about this place, so I thought I'd post some pictures. I spent about an hour and a half there. It's a tiny little space, pretty crowded and hot, but I loved it. Bob Gurr was there that day signing his book. One of the many volunteers there was giving a 15 minute tour, and he mentioned that about 80% of the building is the original barn as it was in Walt's backyard (roof had to be replaced due to city fire regulations).

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    This is an exact copy of the Carolwood Pacific (name Walt gave his backyard train) engine from Walt's backyard, except it is painted exactly like the Disneyland Railroad (C.K. Holliday).

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    Here is the real thing. One of the Carolwood Pacific's original cars that Walt worked on in this barn, along with an original piece of track. I believe they said there are other original pieces are on display at the Walt Disney Family Museum and also somewhere in Marceline, MO.

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    Here are the Carolwood blueprints. They were also used for the Disneyland Railroad, so basically the Disneyland Railroad is almost identical to the Carolwood.

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    This was a 1/8 scale engine Walt had bought which he intended to take apart and use on the Carolwood, but it got damaged while being transported and he never got around to fixing it.

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    This panel was a map of his home property including the train tracks. Walt could control the routing of the train and monitor it's location (track is half a mile long).

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    This is a railroad pass/ ID card Walt had made to give anyone who rode the Carolwood.

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    Railroad passes Walt had made for the Disneyland Railroad. I guess he used to actually own the railroad as opposed to it being Disney Company property.

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    Most of the furniture was made by Walt.

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    I believe the La Canada pass was for Ollie Johnston's backyard train.

    More in a few minutes...
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    Re: Walt's Man Cave

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    Roger Broggie's tool box. He's the guy from the Disney Studios machine shop who helped Walt build the Carolwood Pacific, which led Walt to basically making him the first Imagineer.

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    This phone hooked up to communicate with Walt's house. If a guest stopped by the house, Lillian would call...

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    ...and Walt would freshen up at this sink. It's hard to see, but his shaving kit is on the shelf just in front of the mirror on the left.

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    For some reason I found this detail interesting. For the coat rod, Walt cut the end of a broom handle.

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    Photos of Ollie Johnston and his La Canada Railroad in his own backyard.

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    This section is about Ward Kimball and his love for trains. My favorite thing here is the Firehouse Five hat in the middle. I just bought the CD "Firehouse Five Plus Two at Disneyland."

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    Signed by Johnston and Kimball.

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    Carolwood Pacific is named after the street Walt and Lillian lived on.

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    Photo of what is believed to be Walt's parent's barn at his boyhood home in Marceline, MO, that inspired Walt to build the current barn.

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    This is the original Disneyland Railroad combine coach. They are hoping to raise funds to build a more permanent structure to display the coach.

    If you haven't seen it already:
    Carolwood Pacific Historical Society
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    Re: Walt's Man Cave

    The Combine and the Belle were hooked up at Fullerton Train Days this year... really something to see! Thank you for the photos. Also... if you're "in the area" Orange County Railway Museum down in Perris CA has the Grizzly Flatts locomotive (among other things).
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    Re: Walt's Man Cave

    Extremely cool. Thanks for sharing. I doubt I'd ever make it there myself so some of us live vicariously through your pics.

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    Re: Walt's Man Cave

    Wow great pics. I'd love to come to California & see this one day

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