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    The Blackwoods Maze - The Best Amateur Halloween Yard Haunt I've ever been to

    Hey Micechatter,

    If you guys love Knotts Scary Farm & Universal Horror Night Mazes, you guys will definitely love this Backwoods maze! This is one of the best free Amateur Halloween Yard Haunt I have ever been to! They've put an enormous amount of times and effort into this maze. This is definitely in my opinion a high quality maze comparable to Knotts Scary Farm mazes.

    Location: 1912 North Pepper Street Burbank, CA 91505

    Admission is FREE, but definitely make sure to DONATE some money into their jar at the end of the maze as a way to thanks them for their hard work and the cost of putting this maze together year after year.

    Theme for this year according to their facebook: "Journey into the heart of a once prosperous city that has fallen victim to a devastating war. An army of unknown origins has overtaken and morphed this town into a wasteland under siege. Maneuver past guard towers and trudge through the trenches in a world without law and order. Chaos prevails as hostile warlords and scavengers who are starving to survive warp this town into a barbed wired war zone."

    Here's a full walk-through video that I recorded showing how this year Backwoods maze looks like.

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