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    One picture from each theme park day of 2012

    I wanted to do a little 2012 year in review for the theme parks I visited, which were quite a lot. So I figured I'd just share my favorite picture from each day I visited a park in 2012. Some of them will be fun pictures, some of them will be construction pictures. When going through and finding pictures I realized I went to SFMM a LOT last year. LOL!!!

    January 29 - Disneyland (Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon) - The Inaugural Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon. Different course than the Disneyland Half. Lots of Tinkerbell costumes.
    Name:  DSC00260-L.jpg
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Size:  95.2 KB

    February 5 - Six Flags Magic Mountain - This was my wife and daughters first trip to SFMM in a few years. They both really enjoyed the new Superman.

    February 18 - SFMM - Day One of Theme Park Review's yearly West Coast Bash. Not nearly as good as previous years, but not for any lack of trying on TPR's side.
    Name:  IMG_9097-L.jpg
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Size:  196.0 KB

    February 19 - Knott's Berry Farm - Day Two of Theme Park Review's yearly West Coast Bash. A total 180 from the SFMM day. Such a day of awesome fun!!! My son and I sitting in one of the maintenance vehicles for Silver Bullet.
    Name:  430988_2943580542794_1726444679_n.jpg
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Size:  153.4 KB

    March 25 - KBF - While not technically a "Theme Park Day", participating in the Knott's Coaster Run a week after finishing the LA Marathon was a challenge.

    March 28 - SFMM - The first of our many Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom updates
    Name:  IMG_9375-L.jpg
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Size:  193.0 KB

    April 7 - USH - While not technically a theme park day, another race that started at and finished near a theme park counts right?

    April 12 - SFMM - Another LL: DOD update.
    Name:  IMG_9746-L.jpg
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Size:  80.4 KB

    April 25 - SFMM - The new queue facade starting to take shape.
    Name:  IMG_9799-L.jpg
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Size:  136.5 KB

    May 10 - SFMM - Saying happy birthday to Revolution and goodbye to the Sky Tower Museum
    Name:  IMG_9837-L.jpg
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Size:  193.0 KB

    May 19 and 20 - Disneyland - MiceChat's Gumball Rally. This was the only picture I would take all weekend. LOL!!!
    Name:  545516_3498170767203_1771882414_n.jpg
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Size:  61.3 KB

    May 31 - SFMM - The queue building is really starting to take shape at LL: DOD and a peek at the new sign
    Name:  IMG_9951-L.jpg
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Size:  128.9 KB

    June 9 - SFHH - Our first trip to Hurricane Harbor for the year and a peek at the new Pirates Paradise
    Name:  P6090006-L.jpg
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    June 10 - Knott's Berry Farm - A new annual tradition in our family, Coasting for Kids for the wonderful Give Kids The World.

    June 17 - SFHH - Spending Fathers Day at Hurricane Harbor and checking out the new waterpark Flashpass system
    Name:  P6090005-L.jpg
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Size:  194.3 KB

    June 28 - SFMM - LL: DOD getting close to opening
    Name:  IMG_0089-L.jpg
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Size:  198.8 KB

    July 6 - SFMM - LL: DOD Media Day ... but more important, me with Dustin Penner from the Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings!!!

    July 11 - SFHH - Celebrating our daughters 16th birthday
    Name:  P7150028-L.jpg
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Size:  227.5 KB

    July 22 - DCA - Our first visit to the new DCA. Most awesome part of the day, a 4 person solo ride on Tower of Terror!!!
    Name:  561282_3777079459746_1959587935_n.jpg
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Size:  75.8 KB

    July 31 - Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ) - Day one of our epic East Coast trip!!!
    Name:  P7310013-L.jpg
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Size:  199.8 KB

    August 1 - Hershey Park (Hershey, PA) - Sad Monorail Man when he didn't think he'd get on the Monorail due to weather.
    Name:  IMG_6237-L.jpg
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Size:  207.9 KB

    August 2 - Knoebels Amusement Park (Elysburg, PA) - Capt Phoebus, Monorail Man and Clinks Jr. in front of the best Bumper Cars Ever!!!

    August 2 - Dorney Park (Allentown, PA) - Only 90 minutes and we conquered the park!!! Yes, this was my favorite picture in the park.
    Name:  IMG_6343-L.jpg
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Size:  136.0 KB

    August 3 - Six Flags America (Upper Marlboro, MD) - By far the worst Six Flags park, if not the worst park I've been to. Has some great rides, just suffers from a severe lack of upkeep. But I did ride my 200th coaster at this park, so there's that.
    Name:  P8030139-L.jpg
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Size:  165.9 KB

    August 4 - Kings Dominion (Doswell, VA) - A really fun park, with one of the best coasters ever, Intimidator 305. This was day one of TPR's epic "East Coast Bash". Mmm, twisty.
    Name:  P8040175-L.jpg
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Size:  164.6 KB

    August 5 - Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Williamsburg, VA) - Our last park day of our trip and it certainly disappoint. Not only one of the best parks of the trip, but easily one of the best parks in the country. Having a waterproof camera certainly has it's advantages.
    Name:  P8050245-L.jpg
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    August 19 - SFMM - Back to SFMM as we were invited out to cover the Wonderful Pistachios contest
    Name:  IMG_0451-L.jpg
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Size:  129.6 KB

    September 1 - Knott's - Spending a quiet day at the much improved Knott's Berry Farm
    Name:  IMG_0502-L.jpg
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Size:  136.5 KB

    September 2 - Disneyland - Disneyland 1/2 Marathon 2012. I actually stopped to take pictures with the characters this year.
    Name:  DSC00117-L.jpg
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Size:  89.0 KB

    September 8 - SFMM - The park is getting ready for Fright Fest

    September 10 - USH - Our exclusive walk-through of the Silent Hill maze
    Name:  IMG_0656-L.jpg
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Size:  124.5 KB

    September 11 - USH - Our exclusive walk-through of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre maze
    Name:  IMG_0782-L.jpg
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Size:  110.6 KB

    September 18 - USH - Halloween Horror Nights!!!!

    September 21 - Endeavour Fly-Over (Malibu, CA) - Yes, not a theme park, but one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
    Name:  480696_4002597897566_514120374_n.jpg
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Size:  9.0 KB

    September 22 - Knott's Scary Farm!!!

    September 29 - SFMM - Our exclusive tour of Willoughby's Haunted Mansion
    Name:  IMG_1084-L.jpg
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Size:  91.0 KB

    October 6 - SFMM - Fright Fest!!!
    Name:  IMG_1156-L.jpg
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Size:  87.5 KB

    November 20 - SFMM - Full Throttle Construction FINALLY begins
    Name:  IMG_1217-L.jpg
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Size:  112.5 KB

    December 27 - SFMM - What will be our last SFMM update of the year and hopefully our last before vertical construction begins on Full Throttle

    December 31 - DCA - We end the year where we started 2012 with some of our favorite people. Probably our last NYE since we aren't planning on renewing our AP's.

    Hope you all enjoyed this little 2012 review. 2013 probably won't be so crazy so I'd guess more SFMM updates.
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    Re: One picture from each theme park day of 2012

    Great Pictures. You've been busy that's for sure. Busy having fun with friends, and family. That's the best kind of fun.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Disneyland Here I Come Again!
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