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    Crowd levels in may help needed

    we are planning a holiday in may and going from the 12th till 27th I was wondering what the crowd levels are like
    iknow that we would have too do many parks in midweek and avoid Memorial Day weekend but does anyone know if I would need to purchase the fast passes or will the lines be manageable
    i plan to do knotts,magic mountain,California great America and wanted to do the one six flags near San Fran but we are only up that way near the weekend would it be too busy or should we just skip that one
    this is my first visit to California as we normally do Orlando so I could do with a bit of advice cannot really find anything out on the web

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    Re: Crowd levels in may help needed

    Welcome to Micechat!

    What nothing at Disneyland Resort?

    Generally all things you visit follow the same trend, busy on the weekends, and uncrowded on the weekdays except that last Monday which is a weekday.

    However it's worth mentioning since San Fransisco is a city first, tourist area second. During the week regular things like transit, hotels and restaurants are crowded, but not the pure tourist thigns like museums. During the weekend hotel rates drop and transit system is calmer, but more people are going to Alcatraz and in the many city parks/museums.

    I wouldn't mind skipping Universal Studios as it will have a ton of construction going on.

    Also consider Sea World, though it's a lot like Orlando's, the San Diego zoo and Safari Parks are great too.

    Do check the schedules for all parks you want to visit. Some are not open 365 days a year.

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