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    Wouldn't Nara Dreamland be the best place for a halloween haunt?

    Nara Dreamland is an abandoned theme-park in Japan. Google pictures of it in its abandoned state or use this link:

    Nara Dreamland: Japanā€™s last abandoned theme park | Michael John Grist

    .. . . . . . .. .. . ...

    This won't happen and the Pacific is far away, but wouldn't this be an amazing location for a Halloween theme park event?

    Theme? "Disneyland in Hell."
    The characters are out to get you.
    I'd like to be a timeshare-selling monster at this event.

    Paul Pressler could be the CEO of Disneyland Hell, and DCA's Superstar Limo could be recreated with minimal changes.

    Tom Sinsky

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    Re: Wouldn't Nara Dreamland be the best place for a halloween haunt?

    I love looking at photos of Nara, very spooky and very creepy. In a pipe dream world I would envision Disney buying it and then using it as a real life Yesterland, putting old rides out to pasture at Nara...

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