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    Question Is the DCA Zephyr Cab set up at The Western Pacific Railroad Museum yet?

    During a 2011 family road trip we stopped in Portola Ca. to visit the railroad museum. Since then Disney has donated the cab from the California Zephyr to the museum. I am curious if the cab has been set up yet or if it is still in storage. I remember enjoying the rolling stock at the museum but felt it lacked in museum exhibits, however I saw their plans for the Disney cab as a remedy to this. Any news on the DCA cab would be appreciated.

    UPDATE: So a quick browse on the Western Pacific Museum's web site shows the Disney cab will visit the California State Railroad Museum during the celebration of the Western Pacific (funny because that was the other museum I visited on that road trip). Still, no pictures of how the cab will be used or set up.
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    Re: Is the DCA Zephyr Cab set up at The Western Pacific Railroad Museum yet?

    Can't wait to see this
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