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    Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Garden

    This place was once the home to a noted sculptor Albin Polasek (pronounced pol-ASH-ek) which is located east of downtown Winter Park right off Osceola Ave. He was born in Moravia, a former member of Czechoslovakia and a current member of the Czech Republic. His first work was a Nativity Scene which he completed when he was just fifteen.

    Albin then emigrated to the US in 1901 where he continued his sculpting on many different mediums from concrete, stone, and wood to different types of metals. Here's a picture of a larger copy of one of his carvings called "Man Carving Himself" with his house in the background.

    There are some statues out front so I'll begging with those. The first one is the "Forest Idyl"

    The second is what I call the "Water Harp"

    It's actually a copy of the original that was donated to the city of Winter Park in the 80's in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the Winter Park Arts Festival in the 80's. that one sits in a fountain pool in the middle of downtown Winter Park.

    Back in the front yard sits one of his more well known works called "The Sower".

    Now were going inside into the one room where we were allowed to take pictures. In this photo on the top floor is a copy of a statue that's in Lincoln, NE. We call her "The Madonna of the Corn" and the oil painting above the mantle is of Mr Polasek himself sculpting.

    The next photo has a bust of Czechoslovakia's first President and another copy of "Man Carving Himself" in wood.

    This photo is a panoramic of the Stations of the Cross.

    Albin was a devout Roman Catholic so some of his sculptures are of the Catholic faith like these two.

    I promis those are the last photos of religious statues I have. Here's one that I believe is called "Lady Reaching for the Moon"

    I believe this is the original "Man Carving Himself".

    This one is the original miniature statue that was used to make the full sized on which is over 18 feet tall called the Masaryk Memorial. It was made to commemorate Czechoslovakia's first president.

    The rest are just photos of more of his sculptures.

    Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of two of his most noteworthy creations called "Mother Crying over the World" which is a globe of the earth with a woman clutching it and grieving for all the lost sons and daughters that were dying during WW2 when this piece was being made. The other to which I forgot its name was made during the Cold War in the later stages of his life. It shows a horse rearing up over a snake. A man was mounted on that horse and spearing the snake through the mouth. The horse represented Democracy, the man represented freedom and he was spearing the snake of Communisim in the mouth. Albin died in 1965 at the age of 86.

    If your ever in the Winter Park area you should come visit this museum. It's deffinately worth the $5 for a couple hours and the museum tours are free. Check the hours before you come because they do have some odd hours.
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    Re: Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Garden

    The review is completed now. I just added more content and pictures by editing my first post. I hope you enjoyed it.
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