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    Re: LOS ANGELES: Where to visit beyond the berm of Disneyland

    Yes, admission to the Villa is free, but they charge for parking, and require a reservation.

    Shuttle... was a donation to get into the Science Center, and I think you could get a guaranteed spot in line for $2, but if you wanted to wait until there was space available, that was included with your admission. I didn't pay anything other than the entrance donation to see her. The Science Center/USC Rose Garden/Natural History Museum are on a light rail stop, on the Expo line, if you don't want to pay for parking. Worked beautifully.
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    Re: LOS ANGELES: Where to visit beyond the berm of Disneyland

    Quote Originally Posted by CaliforniaAdventurer View Post
    He's what, five?
    LOL my kid is 9 1/2

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    Re: LOS ANGELES: Where to visit beyond the berm of Disneyland

    I definitely agree with all of the suggestions, but I really must endorse the Getty and LACMA Suggestions! It always has great exhibits (often kid friendly ones, too!) and has stellar views of the city.

    Griffith park is great, too. You can go to the observatory, hike to the Batman Bat Cave, etc. If you have younger kids, you can go to travel town to ride the horses, go on the train, etc.

    Are you looking for food suggestions?
    Apple Pan (burger bar) is a family friendly classic. The same guys work there that did from 40 years ago. Some say the burgers aren't that great, but I love 'em, and the ambience is wonderful.

    Guisados Tacos - there are a few locations around the city - really great - some of the best I've had in LA.

    Central market - has lots of great food options if you're downtown - the tacos there are also wonderful.

    Haifa - some of the best Israeli food in the city.

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    Re: LOS ANGELES: Where to visit beyond the berm of Disneyland

    Hmmm... thinking of my local city and also to elevate a real thread over the spammers currently clotting the top of the forum:

    I'm from Long Beach, just down the 710/405 from LA. Our attractions:

    Queen Mary - tours available, hotel on board, decaying themed village out front, also has connection to Disney through the Westcot etc. debacle that eventually landed DCA 1.0 for the world's use.

    El Dorado Park: Giant municipal park that includes all the normal things you'd expect (big fields, nice shady areas, ponds full o' ducks) with smaller things like a kid's railway a la TravelTown in LA. The southern end of the property contains the El Dorado Nature Center, which I'm overly fond of.

    MoLAA (Museum of Latin American Art): Big museum with as you might guess Latin American Art as the foundation. Free on Sundays thanks to Target.

    Long Beach Art Museum: Biggest collection of video art in the county/state/country/world depending on whom you talk to. Every now and then they actually display some of it.

    Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific: It's in a nice touristy part of the downtown complex, built on the water. It's IMO about mid-range in the Aquarium experience, and modestly priced. Plenty of food options in the area as well as movie theaters etc. adjacent in the Pike shopping area.

    That's the top of my head listing of the highlights of my home town from my view. I'm leaving out a lot of "locals" stuff - the 4th Street Retro Row district, some of the farmer's markets etc.
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