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    Talking Wet and Wild Las Vegas Newest Water Park- Pics & Videos - Review

    After hearing that Las Vegas has a new water park after years without a water park, we decided to make our way to Vegas to check out the new water park that had just opened during Memorial Day weekend.
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    This is the Crazy lines to get in

    Wet n Wild water park is located approximately 12 miles from the strip. It was a quick 15 minutes drive from Planet Hollywood where we stayed for 2 night.

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    The Las Vegas Strip View from inside the Water Park approx 10 miles away.

    First of all, if you guys want to see how the Wet n Wild Las Vegas looks like, I've recorded a full Tour overview of the whole water park in HD: or you can type "Full Tour overview of Wet n Wild Las Vegas" on YouTube and you will see my video.

    We got there at 9am and the park didn't schedule to open until 10am. There were already a long lines forming to get into the park. I believed we were the only few people to purchase regular one day general admission, whereas majority of the people in lines are season passholder.

    The water park itself is small. The size is comparable to Knotts Soak City in Buena Park. I love that the park looks extremely clean. All the water slides looks bright and colorful. It looks like Aquatica SeaWorld Water Park in term of colorful vivid water slides.

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    The lines were quite long with an average wait time of about half an hour wait for each water slide. The longest wait time would have to be for the Royal Flush Extreme. The wait time could get longer if one of the slides or lazy river is closed for some reasons. But, I have to say that no matter what day you guys plan on going there will always be long lines for any slide, since it's the only water park in Vegas.
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    I strongly recommend wearing sandals throughout the day, even while waiting for the slides because the floor is extremely hot from the hot desert sun. I also strongly recommend wearing moisture wicking shirt to protect most of your upper body from the strong sun ray.

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    There's only ONE place where you can get your food. They need to add more food areas in the park. The good thing about the food is that is really cheap at about 6 or 7 bucks for a cheeseburger combo not including drink ( in my opinion, the food is cheap for me, since I'm from SoCal and have been paying outrageously expensive theme parks food price like at Disneyland or Six Flags). Beside, season passholder gets discount on food also.

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    One thing, I noticed was that they even have an All You Can Eat for 13 or 14 bucks where you can eat throughout the day. I would have gotten the AYCE pass, but they didn't have it that day because some birthday parties were taken place.

    It looks like every water slides require a tube to ride with an exception of Canyon Cliffs and kids splash kingdom water slide.

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    The only thing I didn't like about the park was that there weren't any splash down pool where you would slide down and splash into a 3 foot pool. The only place with huge waterlike pool is of course the wave pool and the lazy river.

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    I do know for a fact that this water park will continue to expand and add more attractions in the coming months and years since this park will always be packed no matter what day it is since it's located in the middle of all the newly developed homes and there's even a park and school nearby.

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    The best things about this water park is that you can actually bring in tents and umbrellas.

    All in all, I would have to say that I really like the park, and would like to see it continues to add more slides to accommodate the amount of guests visiting the park in the coming days and months.

    The most popular ride here at Wet n Wild is The Ratter Rapid Water Ride. Make sure to check out More of our POV Videos at the end of this video by clicking on the thumbnails.

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    Re: Wet and Wild Las Vegas Newest Water Park- Pics & Videos - Review

    Nice review, it must be brutal to visit there in that dry Vegas 115 degree summer weather.

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