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    Tivoli Gardens and Skara Sommerland

    My homepark is not a Disneypark. I live too far away. People in my area go to Tivoli in Copenhagen.
    Long before there was Disneyland there already was a popular park with themed areas. Tivoli Gardens was inspired by parks in Paris and London. The oldest ride in the park and the oldest rollercoaster in the world is the wooden coaster that originates from my hometown Malmö in Sweden.

    One thing that I will always prefer over most Disneyparks in Tivoli is the atmosphere. The park is placed in the city center of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. It makes it a natural place to enter for concerts, restaurant visits and just to go for a walk. Alot of people have year cards for the park. Living in Copenhagen or close by makes it a more casual destination than any Disneyland could ever be.

    Some parts of the park are really nice, while some feel dated and need to be improved.

    It will be interesting to see what Shanghai Disneyland will have that reminds about Tivoli. Some of the concepts that has been around on the net show signs of that Disney once again have picked up a few ideas from what has made Tivoli the huge succes it is and has been for over a hundred years.

    I made a video of my last visit to Tivoli. It shows most of the areas of the park and even some rides.

    I also post a video of Skara Sommarland. It is a big themepark with waterpark in the middle of nowhere in Sweden. The rides are cheap and the waterpark is not that thrilling. But it is still a place that most children in this region dream of going to. Most of you would not be impressed by it at all and would never even think of going to such a place. But there is something beyond the Disney, Universal and Sea World.
    Most people in the world can´t afford to go to one of the American themeparks. Even in a small place like Sweden we have our own culture of themepark visits.

    Here is what Skara Sommarland looks like:

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    The world according me:

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    Re: Tivoli Gardens and Skara Sommerland

    Just lovely. Thanks for sharing! If I remember right, Tivoli Gardens is actually one of the locations which influenced Walt Disney when he was planning the look of DL.

    “That's the way a lot of things happen... You think one person did something
    but he was just the one to put the color on it." – Ken Anderson
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    Re: Tivoli Gardens and Skara Sommerland

    There's a lot of American park discussion on the boards here, but mainly because it's centered around Disney's parks which are primarily American in genesis and the board's from a site founded on those American parks.

    There's no apology needed for those videos or parks. They're beautiful locations, I'd dearly love to visit some day, and they're unique and probably a lot better suited for where they're at than anything one of the "major" park players would put in their place. I'm a little jealous
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