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    Fun Spot America in Orlando, FL

    About two weeks ago, I visited Fun Spot America which had recently opened it's expanded park. Fun Spot has been open on the north side of International Drive since the 90's. The park was originally called Fun Spot Action Paark and it's original offerings included an arcade building, bumper boats, a small bumper cars ride, and several multilevel go-kart tracks as well as other various carnival type rides. I do believe this is where the concept of the multilevel go-kart track was born as they do hold seven patents for the multilevel go-kart track design. What drew me back to this spot after several years was the recent expansion which included the additions of a new wooden coaster from GCI (Great Coasters Inc.) called White Lightning, a new family steel inverted roller coaster from Vekoma called the Freedom Flyer, and a very rare Enterprise ride from the Anton Schwarzkopf Co.

    Here is my 360 degree panoramic night shot from inside the new expanded section.
    Fun Spot America in Orlando, FL

    Here's a 180 degree panoramic shot of the double up double down hill on the White Lightning from outside the park.

    This park operates on a pay per ride (PPR)deal instead of the pay one price (POP) that we're so used to in the Orlando area but they don't give you tickets. They give you arm bands which every ride opp scans before you board the ride. There are also of arm bands you can buy and these are what I remember. There's the POP arm band for all the rides for kids under 54 inches in height which is basically all the kiddy rides, the POP arm band for all the people above the 54 inches in height which include the thrill rides, roller coasters, and go-karts. I bought the arm band for unlimited rides on all the thrill rides, go-karts, and roller coasters for about $40 which is good all day until midnight. You can ride in the morning, leave, and comeback later that day and ride some more provided your still wearing the arm band.

    Here are some shots of a carousel horse called a stander as it doesn't move up and down if it were to be mounted on a carousel. There are two types of carousel animals with which riders can sit on and they are standers and jumpers, this one is a stander.

    This one was removed from a Carousel and mounted on this stand for display. I would personally preffer to see it mounted on a antique carousel with a REAL operating band organ.

    You can see on the shield that it's from the PTC which means it's from the Philadelphia Toboggan & Coasters company, the worlds second oldest manufacture of amusement park rides.

    Now that we're through the gates we'll turn right and the first thing you'll run into (and under as well) is the Freedom Flyer, the steel family inverted roller coaster from Vekoma.

    This coaster isn't really that bad for a family roller coaster. I did see many small kids riding this one with their parents and even some daring grandmas as well. This one lacks the rather painful over the shoulder restraints (OTSR's) that most other family steel inverted coasters from Vekoma. The simple lap bar really does allow for some freedom of movement from side to side while not being boxed in the ears by the OTSR's. I rode it twice front and back and I found the back to be a little bit more thrilling than the front in my opinion.

    Here's my off ride video of the ride.

    Hey Cedar Point fans, does this look vaguely familiar?

    A night shot of the Flyer going through the last helix

    Next up comes the GCI woodie called White Lightning.

    This coaster is just under 70 feet tall but it really packs in a tremendous amount of air time for it's size. It does have two elements, a 90 degree banked turn at the far end turnaround and a "Double up double down hill" to go along with the air time this coaster generates.

    I rode this one six times over the day in front, back, and every seat in between and there's really no difference on these trains.

    I do believe the top speed on this coaster is about 44 miles per hour but it feels a whole lot faster when riding it.

    Here's my off ride video of White Lightning.

    Next up is the Enterprise ride from the Anton Schwarzkopf Company.

    As I stated before, this is a very rare Enterprise ride as it's one of the few that came from the Anton Schwarzkopf Company and I believe this is one of only three or four know to exist in North America. The other two being at California's Great America near San Fransisco, and the Scream Weaver at Carowinds near Charlotte, North Carolina. There are many more Enterprise rides across the US but those are manufactured by HUSS which made many more than Schwarzkopf did.

    Anyone who's been to Six Flags over Georgia near Atlanta will recognize this one as it used to be the Wheelie before they removed it to install a new extreme swing ride last year. Fun Spot bought it, renovated it and added LED lights before installing it here. Here's my day and night off ride video of the ride.

    The go-karts are pretty fun and there are different tracks to ride that are all very different. You'll see two different tracks in this photo, the yellow is the Quad Helix track and the green is the Commander track.

    These next photos are of the world's second tallest Skycoaster ride.It's a pendulum type swing ride which riders are strapped into flight suits that are attached to two cables and hoisted up to a rear spike and then given a countdown when at the top. One of the riders then pulls a rip chord which then allows riders to swing freely like a pendulum until they stop at the bottom. This one is approximately 250 feet tall. The world's tallest Skycoaster, a 300 footer, is currently at their Kissimmee park off US Hwy 192 next to Old Town.

    This next one is of the Rip Curl, it's basically a new version of the Himalaya ride from Chance Rides. I didn't ride this ones as these rides usually give me a headache.

    They do have a airconditioned counter service restaurant that serves the standard park fair of hot dogs, fries, burgers, soda (pop), and bottled water. The airconditioning is really nice on those hot balmy summer days and nights we get here in Florida. There is free WIFI and free parking as well.

    I'll finish out this review with a on ride night point of view (POV) from the Revolver. It's a Century type Ferris wheel from the Chance Wheels division of Chance Rides. You'll be able to see the whole park as well as most of the northern end of International Drive and Universal Orlando Resort. We Orlando natives refer to International Drive as "I-Drive".

    Fun Spot is a fun place to spend a few hours but bring your wallet as it can get expensive quick. It's pretty easy to get to if you want to come here. Just take I-4 to either Kirkman Blvd or Universal Blvd and turn left on International Drive, then left on to Grand National Dr and then right onto Fun Spot Way and the park is on the right. They also do have annual passes for those that live in the Orlando area.
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    Re: Fun Spot America in Orlando, FL

    FANTASTIC review! Great Job!
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    Re: Fun Spot America in Orlando, FL

    Thanks, I thought they did a pretty good job with their new expansion. I did forget to add that they do have a airconditioned counter service restaurant which serves the standard park fair and that they have free WIFI and free parking.
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