Spent the day at USH. Beautiful weather and very light crowds.

The Smithee bridge is still standing, but closed down. Our guide did make reference to it as we passed by it and even showed a clip from an old TV show that aired the bridge as part of the show.

Half of the old Greens dept has been removed as well as the little cabin scene from Dante's Peak to make way for the Fast & the Furious stunt show. See the other thread for more info on that. The guide, Joe, said that it should open along with the new movie this summer.

The Flash flood was back in operation. It was closed off and under construction last November when we were there.

Due to filming, three major areas of the tram route were blocked off, so it wasn't much of a show. Oh well, those are the breaks.

5 minute wait for Mummy and no waiting for JP. We went on it three times, and never got wet. We did get stuck for a little bit on the ramp going up into the building area (before the big drop). It was a little un-nerving being at that angle for more than a few minutes...

Fear Factor Live! was back in business. That was good to see. It was closed last November. Same stunts as before, just now they do not have the kids start the show off like they have in the past.

They still have the all you can eat for $19.95 special going. It's a good bargain, but it was a great bargain when it included drinks and the fourth restaurant.

The "now filming" sign indicated a new movie. The sequel to Bruce Almighty, now called Evan Almighty. I guess that news guy made an impression with the fans in that virgin movie. I bet Jim Carrey is pissed...

We finished up the day by eating dinner at Bob's Big Boy, just down the road from the Park. No celeb sightings this time, just the same older guy at the counter that we think looks like an old, heavy-set, Milton Burle. He's always there.

Got back to DL just in time for the fireworks and to catch the last performance of Sandbox at the Buzz stage.